Shirkydra Roberts

Shirkydra Roberts is the founder and CEO of Impact/Aspire/Motivate Enterprises (IAME). Raised in a single-family home with her mother and two sibling, she was born February 10, 1990 in Dallas, TX. Throughout her childhood, Shirkydra experienced bouts of trauma, disappointment and failure, but at the age of 20, God saved her. As she began her spiritual walk with Christ, she started to discover she had not only been delivered and healed from her past, but that God had created in her a desire to use her life experiences for the purpose of impacting and motivating others, helping them to recognize their past as the gift that it is.

Drawing from her own subjective experiences as they relate to overcoming the emotions attached to child molestation, the absence of her biological father, suicide, discrimination and various other obstacles, Shirkydra allows her life to be an “open book” from which radiates dynamic and inspiring messages that relate to many people across the world. Her “Pained for Purpose” motto and “Its Not Over Yet” mentality is what she strives to share with the men, women and children that struggle with propelling into their purpose due to obstacles they have faced.

She believes that an un-faced and unhealed past can affect anyone’s present and future aspirations. Fear kills dreams more than doubt or failure. Fear comes and stems from experiences that causes us to not want to encounter rejection, failure, confrontation, or being belittled. Shirkydra focuses on what you’ve been through in your past and how it was purposed for you to excel in your present stance. Whether its personal or business, working through your fears builds confidence, and faith. Increased faith, and confidence will build up drive and ambition. Drive and ambition will cause one to tackle the world and everything in it no matter who says no, no matter how many mountains you must climb or how many valleys you have to go through, YOU HAVE A GIFT TO BE — — USED!

Shirkydra is currently an Active Duty Naval Officer in the field of Engineering and knows what it takes to fight through daily struggles and how to empower her peers and subordinates to ensure that they can give every day 150 percent. She believes in channeling negative circumstances, energy, and battles into positive platforms towards being successful DAILY. When you change your mindset, you change your actions. When you change your actions, you change your ability to PROPEL!

Shirkydra has spoken at numerous Women Conferences, Youth Development Seminars, Naval Ceremonies, and Leadership Development Events. She is very involved in her community in organizations such as Story Tent for Children, Home Start for the homeless and women’s shelters.

Shirkydra is available for women empowerment events, church conferences, leadership development conferences, business leadership development, as well as high school and college events. For more information:

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