Speaking and Workshop Topics

Pain to Profit Workshop

  • Discover framework for your story and how to scale it into a profitable business
  • Create the process of telling to selling 
  • Get the 5 concepts of Pain to Profit 
  • Develop execution milestones that get to your customers to YES

Book Publishing Workshop

  • Discover framework for your story 
  • Provide resources that will be underbudget but lucrative for your business  
  • Focus on the first steps that must be mastered for your book to publish 
  • Apply the execution date method for accountability

Pain to Profit Keynote Speaker

  • How using your story maximizes your success in daily routines 
  • Craft your story to make the invisible benefits vivid and real for your audience
  • Ask the questions that will get to the problem that results in your product being the solution 
  • Add value to your product and service in a way that will make price irrelevant

Leadership and Development

  • Shape attitudes on your team to help them find meaning in their work and reach new heights
  • Build a confident and resilient culture
  • Create the “can-do” mentality amongst the team 
  • Understand the personal and professional balance
  • Create cohesion and a collective goal